New Assignments

Since 2015, PGAV PLANNERS has been selected for more than 60 new assignments.  Recent assignments include:


Kirby Hospital - PGAV prepared a Master Plan for a 1 mile looped wellness trail and site furnishing on Kirby Medical Center's campus in Monticello, Illinois. This 10' wide trail is anticipated to be complete in 2015 and will be available for use by patients, visitors, and the general public as part of the Kirby's wellness outreach program.


Des Peres, Missouri - PGAV PLANNERS was selected to prepare an update to the City Comprehensive Plan. The assignment includes a variety of tasks that include implementation of a new public input tool called “Crowdbrite” to engage key City staff, the Planning and Zoning Commission, interest groups, and residents in the updating the City Comprehensive Plan.


Chicago, Illinois (Belmont/Central) – Under a multi-year services agreement with the City of Chicago, PGAV PLANNERS has been engaged to update the Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Plan and project for the Belmont/Central TIF district.  The original plan for this district, located in the northwest/central part of the City, was completed by PGAV PLANNERS in 1999. The current assignment is to prepare a second amendment that adds 670 parcels to the original area (now totaling 1376 parcels). 


Crestwood, Missouri (Crestwood Plaza) – The City of Crestwood, Missouri has selected PGAV PLANNERS to assist the City with creating a Tax Increment Financing Redevelopment Plan for the former Crestwood Plaza property.  The 47-acre property is the site of a now closed regional shopping center of more than 1million square feet located in the southwestern part of St. Louis County. The redevelopment plan is intended to lay the groundwork for demolition of the existing improvements and redevelopment as a mixed-use project combining residential, entertainment, and retail uses.


St. Louis County, Missouri (Jamestown Mall) – PGAV PLANNERS is assisting the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership in its efforts to redevelop the former Jamestown Mall property.  The properties comprising this development are currently the site of a large regional shopping center of approximately 1 million square feet located in northern St. Louis County which is now closed and has been declining for years. PGAV PLANNERS is charged with preparing the analysis to allow qualification of this property for designation under the State Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority statute.


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