PGAV Planners hires new Project Planner Adam Stroud

The St. Louis-based, national planning and community development consulting firm PGAV Planners has announced that Adam Stroud has been hired as Project Planner for the rapidly-growing PGAV Planners team.

In this new role, Stroud will oversee work on economic development and planning for our many client communities.

“Adam is a proven leader in economic development. He brings experience and energy to our group, and we are very excited that he has agreed to be a part of our growing team,” said Andy Struckhoff, Associate Director of PGAV Planners. John Brancaglione, Vice President of PGAV Planners said, “We welcome the skills, professional talents and maturity that Adam brings to the array of services that we provide to our client base throughout the US.”

Stroud served most recently as the Economic Development Coordinator at the City of Greenville, Illinois, a community of 7,000 people in Bond County, Illinois. In this role, Stroud led economic development and business development efforts and led the decision-making process with respect to public policy for economic development. 

“I am thrilled to join the team at PGAV where I can continue my love of planning and economic development,” says Stroud.  “It will be a pleasure to work with existing and new clients to help them implement economic development strategies that work.  I am in a new city, with a new job, and I could not be happier with my decision to join the exciting team at PGAV Planners.”