Ellisville, MO Commercial Corridors

The City of Ellisville, not unlike other older inner suburban ring cities across the nation, is confronted with a variety of urban development issues that are associated with changing demographics, shifting land use patterns and aging infrastructure.  In this instance, the City has recognized that such changes are occurring along its major commercial “corridors” (Manchester Road and Clarkson Road) and that the effects of these evolving issues must be met head on.  As a result, the City of Ellisville expressed interest in planning for economic development along Manchester Road and Clarkson Road in an effort to develop conceptual plans for future growth and development to encourage the adaptable reuse of several areas.  PGAV was selected by the City for this assignment to develop new ideas for the future of these corridors.  PGAV produced a series of conceptual and detail development plans for selected sites along the corridors.  The final plans have given the City of Ellisville a new vision for their community.


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