Hazelwood, MO

Like many maturing suburban communities, the City of Hazelwood, Missouri now faces a different set of issues than in past decades when annexation and growth management were its main concerns. Infill and redevelopment, attracting reinvestment, and sustaining stable attractive neighborhoods will be primary challenges for Hazelwood in the coming years.

Continuing a long-standing client relationship, the City retained PGAV to update its comprehensive plan. Redevelopment of a recently closed Ford Motor Co. assembly plant in Hazelwood was just one of several economic development goals the City wanted to integrate with a comprehensive land use and development strategy for the entire community.

The 2009 Comprehensive Plan introduced several new planning elements to the City of Hazelwood, which has a strong planning tradition. The 2009 Plan was the first prepared with the benefit of a newly initiated City GIS and the first to incorporate an extensive public engagement process, which included a Web-based survey of community stakeholders to participate in the plan’s development.

The final product of this process is a long-range Comprehensive Plan that also includes a short-term work program. The Plan presents a coherent community-wide vision of improvement with specific sub-areas highlighted for detailed guidance. Perhaps most importantly, PGAV’s guidance throughout the planning process helped change the way the City staff and Plan Commissioners think about comprehensive planning as an ongoing process to guide everyday decision-making instead of a static once-a-decade exercise pertaining to annexation and zoning.


Major Industrial Redevelopment Restored Historic Home in City Park