Springfield, MO Activity Centers

In 2005, the Springfield metropolitan area was ranked as the fastest growing metropolitan area in Missouri due to large increases in employment and residential construction. To anticipate and strategically plan for future growth, the City of Springfield turned to PGAV to provide land use and development recommendations for nine sites for Activity Centers throughout the City. The majority of the Activity Centers were located adjacent to highway interchanges and ranged in size from 30 acres to over 150 acres.  The City‘s objectives for the Plan focused on identifying appropriate future land uses and transportation enhancements needed to accommodate future growth.  Several Activity Centers were evaluated for potential redevelopment options, while other Activity Centers contained large amounts of vacant or undeveloped land requiring an evaluation of the potential for new growth and development at each of these sites.

As part of the planning process, PGAV performed field investigations and conducted a preliminary market analysis for each Activity Center to evaluate physical and economic opportunities or constraints to factors influencing development at each Activity Center.  The Plan provides conceptual site plans illustrating appropriate development patterns, land uses and densities, and public improvements. It also recommends changes to zoning or development regulations and identifies potential project financing mechanisms. Finally, the Plan provides a summary market analysis, which culminates in recommended strategic actions for the City’s consideration and implementation.


Activity Center Site Plan Evans Road Activity Center Conceptual Plan Jordan Valley Innovation Center Jordan Valley Innovation Center