Chicago, IL

Since 1996, PGAV PLANNERS has been retained by the City of Chicago to provide a variety of planning services.  PGAV has worked on more than 20 projects throughout the City related to commercial, industrial, and residential development.  PGAV has provided planning solutions in areas that, because of their sheer size and density, were most challenging.

47th & Halsted Corridor Plan

One of PGAV’s assignments from the City dealt with the 47th and Halsted Corridor.  This 952-acre industrial area is located in the southeastern portion of the City adjacent to the Dan Ryan Expressway.

PGAV’s plans for this and other areas in the City resulted in numerous private commercial and industrial projects, such as the retention and expansion of the Marshall Field’s distribution center in the Northwest Corridor and the construction of the first Home Depot located in a highly urbanized area within the Pulaski Corridor.

Calumet River Marina

In 2007, the City of Chicago asked PGAV to complete a Tax Increment Financing analysis and conceptual master planning for an underutilized 50-acre site along the Little Calumet River near the City’s southern boundary.

What was once an isolated heavy industrial area has now become the focus of environmental remediation, open space preservation and recreation planning.  However, the City needed redevelopment tools to help overcome the area’s obstacles, which included a history of illegal dumping and noxious land uses.  Restoration of Hegewisch Marsh and a planned environmental visitor center nearby created the opportunity to advance redevelopment of the project area.

PGAV began the project with intensive fieldwork to document the area’s eligibility for Tax Increment Financing under the Illinois TIF Act. Based on fieldwork, conversations with key property owners and discussion with City staff, three alternative conceptual land use plans were prepared to illustrate the area’s potential for marina expansion and introduction of other commercial and recreational uses. PGAV also prepared recommendations related to upgrading the area’s minimal infrastructure, creating pedestrian pathways, and developing unique recreational attractions.


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