Clinton, MO

As part of the Missouri DREAM initiative, PGAV is helping Clinton, Missouri chart a course for the future of its Downtown area. As the county seat of Henry County, 100 miles southeast of Kansas City, Downtown Clinton is a center for government and professional services for the surrounding rural area. PGAV PLANNERS has been working with the City, Clinton Main Street and other community stakeholders to devise a plan to nurture retail development, restaurants and entertainment uses to help balance the Downtown business mix.  Physical development strategies, including wayfinding and streetscape improvements are also part of the DREAM scope of services.

The DREAM initiative takes a balanced, practical approach to economic development for downtown areas. For example, the DREAM scope of work always includes reviewing the potential funding mechanisms to help pay for the improvements and induce the private investment the community desires. Likewise, organization structure is also evaluated to ensure the community has the capacity to carry out the recommended projects and policies. In this way, DREAM results in more than just a downtown “wish list”. Rather, this approach emphasizes all the aspects (organizational, financial, and physical) necessary for a sustainable long-term downtown development project.

Noteworthy among Downtown planning products for Clinton: a Wayfinding Plan that addresses the corridors leading from the highway bypass to Downtown, an infill building conceptual design for a prominent vacant lot on the Courthouse Square, and a media landscape analysis to help Clinton attract visitors and customers to the community and especially Downtown.


Destinations Points of Entry Clinton, MO Henry County Museum Downtown Clinton, MO New Infill Development with Multi Tennant Retail Elks Lodge Clinton, MO North Side of Downtown Square Clinton, MO Proposed Wayfinding at Highway Bypass Clinton, MO