Economic Impact Analysis of Area Visitors - San Antonio, TX

The Visitor & Convention Bureau of the City of San Antonio retained PGAV to prepare an economic impact analysis of tourists and visitors to San Antonio. A reliable estimate of the number of annual tourists and visitors to San Antonio was unknown prior to PGAV’s analysis. PGAV’s work produced a clear picture of the number of annual visitors to the region and their effect on the local economy.

Utilizing data assembled from on-site surveys of 15,000 visitors, certain forecast models were developed to estimate the amount of expenditures in the area. This data was used to project the visitor expenditure impact on local businesses (entertainment, retail, restaurants, hotels, etc.) as well as employment supported by this economic sector. This highly detailed data also itemized the visitor expenditure data by geographic and ethnic groups (Mexicans, Americans, Texans, etc.). This data was used to structure marketing and advertising campaigns by the San Antonio Visitor & Convention Bureau.

As an extension of the Estimated Economic Impact of Visitors on the San Antonio area, PGAV was retained to prepare an estimated economic impact report showing the impact of the “visitor related industries” (VRI) on the San Antonio general economy. This study documents the taxes generated from the VRI as a result of the visitor economy and the economic benefits that accrue to the residents of San Antonio as a result of the VRI generated taxes.

The information contained in these studies was also used by the City of San Antonio in their decision to expand the San Antonio Convention Center, a project which roughly doubled the space of the existing convention center to 1.3 million square feet.


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