Fountain Lakes - St. Charles, MO

Fountain Lakes Commerce Center is a master planned mixed use business park located at the Highway 370/Elm Street interchange in St. Charles, Missouri.  The Commerce Park has won awards for its design and has seen the development of over 1.5 million square feet of new construction.

The project involved the redevelopment of a former Monsanto research farm into a business and commercial center adjacent to Newtown St. Charles, a new-urbanist residential community.  The project reclaimed land that was previously a flood plain and was unsuitable for development.  With Tax increment Financing (TIF) assistance, the land was elevated above the 500 year flood level.  PGAV developed the overall Master Plan and tax increment financing structure for the Commerce Park.  In addition, PGAV prepared a cost-benefit analysis that evaluated employment that would be generated by the development.

Prior to redevelopment, the property encompassed by this development had an assessed value, in 2000, of $71,000; and as of 2009, the assessed value is approximately $27,000,000.


Fountain Lakes Conceptual Plan St.Charles, MO Aerial View of Fountain Lakes St.Charles, MO