Ladue Business Corridor Study

The City of Ladue, Missouri (located in western St. Louis County) has its commercial land uses concentrated along two major roadways in three distinct areas.  Two are located along Clayton Road and one is located at the intersection of I-170 and Ladue Road.  Each of these commercial areas consists of a combination of office, service, and retail uses and all developed in a strip environment with little architectural character.  They have no sense of streetscape and aren’t pedestrian friendly.  PGAV was retained by the City to develop a strategic plan for the areas with several principal components: streetscape and building design guidelines, a market assessment to determine potential targeted uses (particularly expanded retail), evaluation of potential public financing tools that could be used to financing streetscape improvement and building façade upgrades, and solutions to reduce traffic and vehicular movement conflicts.

Solutions for each of the three areas were developed with the most challenging being the half-mile Clayton Road corridor extending east from the I-64 interchange. The streetscape plan developed for this area features a “road diet”, i.e. a reduction in the width of Clayton Road from 4 to 3 lanes.  New sidewalks, street trees, and pedestrian crosswalks are featured with planted median areas at key locations.  Parking access between businesses is integrated for cross-access, pull-in/back-out parking spaces onto Clayton Road are eliminated, and curb cuts are reduced by one third.  In addition, approximately 130 parking spaces are gained.  Building renovation design suggestions have been developed for key properties and a market assessment was completed to provide the City with suggestions for attracting new business.  Various financing tools have been researched and evaluated to provide a structure for financing the public and private improvements associated with the plan.  Streetscape design improvement plans have been developed for the other two areas in close cooperation with key property owners in each area.

Throughout the course of the project, PGAV met with a steering committee comprised of key property owners, area businesses, members of the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission, elected officials and key City staff. The project culminated in an open house, with attendance from the bussiness and property owners, and members of the general public.


I-64 / Clayton Road Existing Conditions I-64 / Clayton Road Pedestrian Circulation Plan Street Tree Planting Palette I-64 / Clayton Road Proposed Streetscape Plan Proposed Streetscape Design Details I-64 / Clayton Road Vehicular Circulation Plan Study Area Boundaries and Index Map