Silver Moon Plaza/der Hermann Platz

Silver Moon Plaza

Chillicothe, Missouri was selected as a Missouri DREAM community in 2007.  The Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri (DREAM) program is a three year planning program which focuses on revitalizing downtowns through programming and infrastructure improvements.

Downtown Chillicothe is the civic center of the community with many festivals, events and parades occurring throughout the year.  On the north side of the courthouse square, a vacant lot was identified as the site for a new public plaza.  The City of Chillicothe requested that PGAV design a small plaza as part of the DREAM streetscape plan.

PGAV collaborated with the local officials to produce a design that was creative, flexible in use and reflective of the local agrarian heritage of the community.  The plaza design plan achieves the project goals by utilizing a simple layout plan and sustainable design elements.  The plaza meets the courthouse square by extending into the street in place of 5 parking spaces.  Fountains, landscape and site furnishings lead to an entrance gate, which utilizes a brick masonry design and detailing reflective of the local architecture.  The focal point is an ornamental metalwork composition depicting local crops: corn, soybeans and wheat.  An abstracted lunar cycle icon completes the arrangement and adds a sense of whimsy to the plaza.

The plaza edge on the south and west side is framed by landscape, designed to capture runoff from the plaza and adjacent alley.  The landscaped areas are articulated further by historic iron fencing, recycled from a demolished local institution.  The plaza interior is simplified with a large lawn panel and wide promenade walks on the perimeter.  The design accommodates extensive programming as a perimeter for festivals, farmer’s market and civic functions.  The north edge of the plaza addresses an elevation change with a retaining wall and a stage.  A sustainable landscape plan will screen an adjacent parking lot immediately north of the plaza.

PGAV provided conceptual design, preliminary design, cost estimates, graphics and programming for the project.

der Hermann Platz

The historic village of Hermann, Missouri is located on the Missouri River approximately 70 miles west of St. Louis.  Hermann is the cultural center of the Missouri Rhineland, towns and settlements of German heritage in the Missouri River valley.

Considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Midwest, Hermann is a haven for tourists with its numerous wineries, festivals, trails and historic Old World hospitality.  The town was selected as a Missouri DREAM community, by the State of Missouri, in 2006. The Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri (DREAM) program is a three year planning program which focuses on revitalizing Downtowns through programming and infrastructure improvements.  The streetscape plan of the DREAM Hermann program worked with civic leaders on the design of a new gateway plaza into Downtown.

In October 2007, a new bridge across the Missouri River was dedicated which allowed for better access into the Downtown on state Highway 19.  Immediately south of the bridge, in town, the highway is divided by a landscape median with a historic fire house.  The median was selected as the new gateway site for the west side of town due to the large numbers of visitors who enter town from the bridge.  A local benefactor committed to the donation of a sculpture of the German folk hero and town’s namesake, Hermann.

PGAV produced the design and contract documents for the plaza as part of the streetscape plan for Downtown Hermann.  PGAV also provided plans including the site layout, site grading, site detailing, signage, landscaping and lighting. Additional professional services included cost estimates, scheduling, graphics and meetings with the local design committee for design approval.  The plaza was completed in September 2009.


After Improvement Chillicothe, MO Armenius Statue Before Improvement Chillicothe, MO Der Hermann Platz After Der Hermann Platz Before Der Hermann Platz Rendering Future Welcome Center Silver Moon Plaza Aerial Perspective Chillicothe, MO Silver Moon Plaza Fountains Chillicothe, MO Silver Moon Plaza Signage Detail Chillicothe, MO