Sunnen Business Park - Maplewood, MO

Sunnen Business Park is a 62 acre planned business environment created on the former site of a highly contaminated steel mill near downtown Maplewood, Missouri.  PGAV developed the Master Plan for the park, performed a market analysis, financial evaluation, feasibility study, and provided architectural design.

PGAV developed a separate section of the zoning code to allow for Planned Unit Development of the Business Park that increases flexibility and, in turn, facilitated development.  PGAV also recommended and implemented a Tax Increment Financing Plan.  This Plan was designed to generate revenues that would finance public improvements and aid in the development of the community and the Sunnen Business Park.  Through the establishment of a well designed financing plan, the City and Developer were able to cover costs associated with building demolition, environmental cleanup, and the removal of existing utility infrastructure.

Sunnen Business Park is the only large business park in close proximity to the inner city area of St. Louis and was developed on underutilized and vacant land.  Vacant buildings were demolished, some existing buildings were redeveloped, and new buildings were designed and constructed.

Transit Oriented Development

PGAV, as part of its ongoing urban planning consulting relationship with the City of Maplewood, assisted the City in a review and analysis of the impacts of the light rail alignments proposed by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments and Metro for the MetroLink (light rail) extension.  The proposed alignment would have bisected the City’s premier development, Sunnen Business Park and would have had a negative impact on the Business Park’s potential development sites, parking, circulation, truck loading, and other conditions.  The City seized the opportunity to generate a public/private partnership and create a Transit Oriented Development District (TOD).  To that end, PGAV played a pivotal role in proposing a modification to the alignment in order to facilitate the creation of a TOD.  The new alignment allowed for the creation of a 12.7 acre redevelopment area to accommodate a mixed-use development including a hotel, retail/entertainment, and high quality office space that complemented the existing Sunnen Business Park.  PGAV worked with the City to convince the East-West Gateway Council of Governments of the merits of the new alignment and the TOD.  The new alignment was ultimately approved by the governing bodies.


Full Sunnen Rendering Maplewood, MO Sunnen Business Park Sunnen Business Park Conceptual Plan Sunnen Business Park Entrance Maplewood, MO