Michael brings 15 years of experience using spatial analysis tools. He is in charge of all database management, cartography, preparing and managing field work, and 3D streetscape renderings. Michael leads our field team by using a tablet equipped with ArcPad to collect and digitized data while on site. Once the data has been collected he is able to import it into GIS and create clear and concise maps using a combination of ArcView, PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign software. In addition to creating maps, Michael uses GIS tools to estimate and depict tax revenue, population, demographic, and income data to assist in determining economic viability of potential redevelopment sites.



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PGAV has been an absolute pleasure to work with on our application process. They draw great talent. I appreciate being on a team with them.
— Sallie Hemenway, Director, Business and Community Services, Missouri Department of Economic Development